Human-Centric Lighting

Tunable RGBW Application
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Tunable RGBW

Create rich, vibrant designs with lasting visual impact using the full visible light spectrum to accent architectural elements in lobbies, energize the mood at event venues, and highlight displays in retail spaces.

Tunable White Application in 3000k Tunable White Application in 4000k Tunable White Application in 5000k
Tunable White

Support circadian rhythms through adaptive, individualized lighting using tunable white light to promote wellness in healthcare facilities, enhance concentration in classrooms, and improve productivity in workspaces.

Dim to Warm Application Dim to Warm Application Dark
Dim to Warm

Mimic the comfortable, welcoming glow of incandescents using warm dimming LEDs to provide intimate lighting in restaurants, hotels, and high-end residences.

FieldSELECT Application 3000K FieldSELECT Application 3500K FieldSELECT Application 4000K
FieldSELECT - trademark

The simplest way to personalize your lighting. Select desired color temperature and lumen output with built-in switches, eliminating complex wiring and controls.

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Williams and BIOS have partnered to bring you state-of-the-art LED white light circadian solutions in high-performance luminaires.

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