Technical Info


Packaging and Shipping

Williams’ commitment to quality doesn’t end when a fixture comes off the line. Proper packaging and shipping are critical parts of our quality process. That’s why every fixture we ship is wrapped with the Williams name proudly displayed on every carton and corner board.

Fixture Maintenance

Cleaning, lamping/relamping, and ballast maintenance.

Ratings and Certifications

Guides for ingress protection (IP) ratings; impact protection (IK) ratings; NSF certifications for non-food, splash, and food zones; NEMA Type 4X, ISO clean room standards, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) qualifications.

The Difference Between Dry, Wet, and Damp Locations

(NEC) National Electric Code and UL Standard 1598 definitions. National Electric Code Article 410 - Luminaires in Specific Locations

Drivers & Ballasts

Emergency Packs Rated For Sealed & Gasketed Fixtures

List of manufacturer’s emergency packs and catalog numbers.

Compatible Dimming Controls

Guide listing compatibility for DIM LINE and DIM TRC drivers.

Ballast Disconnect NEC Compliance Statement

General guidelines for the National Electrical Code (NEC) ballast disconnect (BD) requirement for fluorescent fixtures, NEC Article 410.73 (G) (2005 Addition)

Ballast Disconnect CEC Compliance Statement

General guidelines for the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) ballast disconnect (BD) requirement for fluorescent fixtures, CEC, Part 1 Rule 30-308 (4) (2006 Addition)

Batteries: Emergency Lighting Options

EM batteries provide a minimum 90 minutes of emergency illumination. The multi-lamp option distributes lumen output evenly across all lamps. Standard emergency batteries are UL listed for dry locations only.

GTD/ETS: Generator Quantities with Flex/Cord Charts

Generator and flex/cord quantities, type, and description per driver with circuit and conductor amounts.


Power Entry

Cord for suspended product ordering info and details with cord entry diagrams. Flexible whip options: all Williams recessed troffers are available with a flexible metallic wiring harness, factory attached and hard-wired to the luminaire. 

Quick-Connect Wiring

Designed specifically to save labor installation costs, the quick-connect option utilizes a molded nylon self-locking polarized connector with factory-installed branch circuit wiring. Fixtures simply plug together, and the possibility of cross-wiring is eliminated.

Electrical Accessories

Cord and plug: 6’ with 120V (6CPI/5-15P) or 277V (6CPI/7-15P). Fuse: fast (GLR) or slow (GMF) blow. Ballast suppressor.

Tandem In-Line Wiring & Master/Satellite System

Factory installed branch circuit wiring with nylon self-locking polarized connectors. Master/satellite provides inboard/outboard wiring with 9’ or 11’ flexible whip options.


Mounting Systems for Recessed Troffers & Gasketing

Gasketing options: double and triple with open-cell foam or closed-cell PVC.

Ceiling types: grid (NEMA Type “G”), slot grid (NEMA Type “SS”), drywall (NEMA Type “F”), and specialty ceiling tees: narrow-faced grid (NEMA NFG), Narrow-faced slotted grid (NEMA “NFSG”), Z spline (NEMA “Z”).

EQCLIPS: combination earthquake and N.E.C. T-bar clip secures luminaire to T-bar and prevents T-system separation.

Mounting Systems for Surface, Strip, Wrap and Industrial Fixtures

Single stem and canopy (SS), Swivel stem and canopy (SWS), ceiling spacer (320/325), surface mount hanger (SHS, SH1), tong hanger (T2), double stem and canopy (DS), T-bar (GAT) fastener for ceiling spacers, cable suspension kits (GC2), and VBY hangers.

Stem & Canopy Installation

Instruction sheet for single stem and canopy (SS) and swivel stem and canopy (SWS)

Mounting Systems for Suspended Fixtures

Microstem and canopy (MSF or MSJ) or aircraft cable (ACF or ACJ) suspended mounting option details. Junction box cable mounting installation instructions.


Color-match with RAL® Colors

Since 1927, RAL® has created a uniform language when it comes to color. They have standardized, numbered and named the abundance of colors. These standards are easily understandable and applicable worldwide.

Finish: Standard & Custom Colors

Complete guide to Williams color options and our high-quality finishing process.

Anti-Microbial Finish - (AMW Option)

Anti-microbial white paint option prevents the spread of micro-organisms and suppresses the growth of mold and bacteria.

Concrete Bollard Custom Housing Finishes

Davis Colors™ has the widest selection of custom colors in the concrete industry.

Options & Accessories

Troffer Doors, Shielding and Grid Riser

Troffer door frames include steel, aluminum with flat, regressed or piano hinge, and tamper resistant options.

Grid Riser decorative trim system elevates the grid troffer 2” above the ceiling plane for a cove or skylight appearance.

Troffer shielding options include pattern #12, #15, #19 acrylic, polycarbonate and vandal lenses in clear or frosted acrylic. Parabolic louvers are available in ½" & 1" deep white, or silver acrylic and styrene.

Aperture Adaptor – Downlights

Adaptor (goof ring) corrects ceiling cutout errors during remodel downlight installation.

LVC Wall Plate

For use in healthcare products specified with Low Voltage Controllers, the LVC Wall Plate provides simple lighting access for healthcare personnel.

Industrial, Strip & Wrap Accessories

Metal Louvers, metal frame with lens, row aligner, reflector end plates, wireguards.