BCS Bridge


  • Provides two-way building control integration, internet connection not required
  • Highly scalable: support up to 2000 nodes using a single BCS Bridge with no gateway required
  • Includes an Avi-on compatible radio for direct communications with the Avi-on network
  • Real-time device status and dimming level changes from any Avi-on device
  • Update the BCS anytime a motion sensor is triggered or a daylight sensor updates the dimming level on a group of lights
  • Send energy consumption data to the BCS every 15 minutes on all data points enabled with the appropriate energy monitoring Avi-on fixture controller
  • Adjust dimming levels or on/off status to groups of lights or individual lights, trigger scenes
  • Turn devices on/off for groups or individual devices for special holiday or override schedules
  • Enable pre-programmed demand response modes from a BCS trigger
  • Trigger emergency lighting mode in emergency circuits from a BCS (or any BACnet IP compatible) control signal
  • Wireless in-fixture control solutions available


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24V DC, includes 110-240 VAC power supply


32°F to 113°F (0°C to 45°C), RH 95% non-condensing


The Avi-on Lighting Control Platform is a DesignLights Consortium® NLC qualified product

System Requirements

• Williams fixtures with Avi-on wireless control
• Desktop & mobile apps
• Windows OS

Compatible Controls